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Canstar Advanced Technologies is a company dedicated to provide the latest technological advances to technology enthusiasts and to those who would like to take advantage of the technology for their businesses.  The company was established in February of 2003 and associated itself, from the beginning, with some leaders of the technology.

We are experienced and successful senior Information Technology Executive Consultants working in partnership with clients to overcome their business challenges through the application of technology. Our work is based on the need to improve efficiency and the way a company functions, with IT used as a means to achieve this.

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I.Michael Issa
Founder and Principal

Michael has been involved in technology since 1973 as a senior executive and became known as a "Guru" of strategic systems.

In february of 2003 he decided to establish Canstar and to lend his vast experience in this field to companies who need to achieve success. 

We are one of the pioneers to provide and support fleets of EV services.

Large or small we serve them all. Our experienced staff are ready to help you achieve success through their system expertese and to apply and train you on the latest technology trends. 

Internet Protocol T.V (IPTV) is taking the entertainment industry by a storm. We are at the forefront embracing this technology. 

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